Why Wilshire Consult?
Being on point at your services will always excite your customers. This is not obvious. It takes skills and tact and great experience. That's where Wilshire Consult comes in. Our engine is right people, with right skills and the tenacity to help you move your organization to the next level. For all our consultancy projects we do not spare any resources to ensure we utilize the best brains for your work to deliver on point and on time.
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Wilshire Consult is located in Nairobi, Kenya but has no Geographical boundaries for virtual services. It provides consultancy services and mentorship to help business revitalize their workforce, develop its HR team, develop strategic plans, develop and review business plans, perform M&E, supervise projects, among other services.

Modeled after a large hospital, we have many consultation rooms where our clients can meet one on one with our consultants (using virtual messaging and conferencing systems). Where need be, the client can be referred to specialist consultants for their unique needs. Physical boardroom meetings are also available when requested or for walk-in visits.
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Our mission is to provide consultancy services with a holistic view of the business as a system. This perspective enables us to interrelate key elements within and without of the business to be able to deliver solutions that integrate effectively to the unique business environment under review.

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Stakeholder involvement

Through a participatory approach with multi-stakeholder involvement, where need be, we are able to get wider insights of the situation under review. 


Integrity is critical in ensure a healthy corporate relationship and corporate Governance. Therefore, our staff uphold high ethical standards and integrity in all projects assignments.

Delivery of Services

Getting in right does not only come first but we also ensure that our projects are finished on time by allocating enough resources and using the best all the time


You are welcome to see a profile our project portfolio. Wilshire Consult relies on a wide team drawn from the industry and the academia to deliver consultancy services in:

• Software development

• Systems analysis 


• Project management

• Planning 

• Entrepreneurship

• Telecommunications

• Marketing

• Manufacturing

• Personnel

• Finance

Investment planning
Strategic approach
Simple Business Solutions


Working in organizations means we are constantly bombarded by pressure to be clever. That we do by ensuring our team holds the highest academic and professional qualifications needed for every expert role assigned. We maintain a database of lessons learnt and feedback from served customers to ensure that our experiences are never wasted but inform future assignments so as to ensure dynamic organizational learning.

Operational Excellence

For every assignment undertaken, we follow best practice from contracting, discovery, feedback and decision. A clear work plan is presented and negotiated alongside an inception plan at the commencement of every project. The project deliverables are also spelt out clearly with a client's terms of reference provided.

Continuous Growth

Our utmost desire and commitment is to be a trusted catalyst in the growth of your business. We will therefore provided necessary followup upon successful completion of a project for a limited time as agreed with the client. We also publish content  blogs and newsletters that share important knowledge for business development.

Team of experts

The modern consulting environment calls for diversity of expertise. We therefore ensure a multidisciplinary composition of teams with careful consideration for specialization and competencies. Our management team comprise of a proactive secretariat with  all necessary qualifications in administration and management of teams.

Projects Completed
Years of experience


Dr. Gitau Kamau is a Senior Lecturer (Kabarak University).  He holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship (JKUAT), Msc Entrepreneurship (JKUAT),  e-Master of Communications Management (University of Rwanda), Bachelor of Education (Mathematics & Computer, Kenyatta University). Currently he is a PhD (Management Information Systems) candidate at University of Nairobi. He has over 20 years experience in ICT and over 15 years in Entrepreneurship projects and consultancies. He has authored two fast selling books - Entrepreneurship Demystified, and Management Information Systems in Entrepreneurial Perspective.
Dr. gitau kamau Lead Expert Entrepreneurship & ICT

Abbey Mwihaki is a Lead Expert in Securities and Risks Management. She holds a Second Class Upper Bachelor of Acturial Science Degree from University of Eldoret. Abbey has over 5 years experience in the Insurance Industry, Funds Management, Banking and Microfinance. She was work at Britam Securities and Rafiki Microfinance. She is a Certified Financial Services Auditor (CSFA) and conducts Research on Fund Managers and other Financial Institutions for Risks Advisory and other Assessments.

abbey mwihaki Lead Expert Risks & Finance

Dr. Kirori Mindo is a Lecturer (Laikipia University). He holds a PhD IT specializing in IOT, Machine Learning and Big Data from  Kabarak University. He has close to 10 years of experience with interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT and Data Science. Dr Kirori develops solutions for everyday problems including API integrations, customization, widgets and social media/digital marketing innovations. Research Grants Awarded include Google Computer Science 4 High Schools, NACOSTI, Smart 802.15.4 Zigbee and KENET.

DR KIRORI MINDO Lead ICT and Social Media 

our integrated services

Marketing Strategies

Wilshire has a pool of marketing consultants with demonstrated success. They will help develop and launch your digital marketing and other strategies

Our consultancy in networking includes planning and design of networking and telecommunication projects

We provided consultancy training in team building, ICT, entrepreneurship, and related business skills and management.

app & Databases/erp

Our ICT consultants support a wide range of services including cyber security, web development,  mobile Apps, ERPs, and Data centers


From internal and affiliate consultants we provide finance, agribusiness, HR and other management services customized to client needs.

project management and supervision

Drawing from a pool of engineers in civil, mechanical, water, environmental; among others; we provide project management and supervision of project contracts.